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Frequently Asked Questions

Set Up & Service

  • Q. What is Choose2Chat?

    We provide live chat monitoring for your website as a fully managed solution to engage your website visitors, increase leads and handle basic customer service.

  • Q. How does Choose2Chat work?

    We provide a fully managed live chat service converting visitors on your website into leads 24/7! Our chat operators are experts at lead capture and are backed by our team of data analysts and conversion optimization experts to get the best results possible!

  • Q. How do I get Choose2Chat on my website?

    Installation is as simple as pasting one line of script onto your website. We are experts at this and can walk you through the process in 5 minutes. Following this you should be live within 24-48 hours.

  • Q. Can you customize the colors of my chat widget to match my website?

    Absolutely. We’ll work with you to customize your chat window to match your website color scheme and branding.

  • Q. Do you provide 24x7x365 coverage?

    Yes, our live chat operators are available to service your website 24x7x365.

  • Q. How can I trust Choose2Chat to interact with my customers?

    Our operators are highly-trained and screened to ensure you have comfort with their approach, strategy, and style. This is something we take very seriously. With every chat engagement we strive to enhance your website visitor’s experience, ask qualifying questions so we can pass along important sales lead information onto you through our consultative approach that avoids coming off as overly aggressive and badgering.

  • Q. How do you capture leads?

    Our live chat operators will ask the visitor for their name, phone number and email. We will confirm the details with the visitor to ensure accuracy. The lead information is emailed or texted (or both), together with the full chat transcript to an email address you specify.

  • Q. How do your operators know what to say to my website visitors when chatting with them?

    When setting up your account we complete a questionnaire so we can have your FAQs in your profile. These FAQs can be as simple as your office hours or as unique as your business requires and you can continually update and tweak these replies for our live chat operators by communicating with your sales representative.

  • Q. What happens if the chat operator doesn’t know how to answer a question?

    In the event our agents don’t have an answer to a question, they will use an “exit statement”. For example: “I’m really sorry but the best person to answer that would be one of our experts. Let me pass your details on ASAP and they will be in touch within the next 24 hours”

  • Q. What constitutes a “lead”?

    A lead is a successful engagement in which our chat operator captures the name, phone number and/or email of a website visitor who has expressed interest in your product/service. If you want us to ask your visitors more qualifying questions, you can direct our copy writers to include more questions in the response guide.

  • Q. How will I be notified of new leads?

    The lead information is emailed immediately, together with the full chat transcript, to an email address you specify.

  • Q. Where are your chat operators based?

    We have a follow-the-sun operation, meaning our agents are located in contact centers all over the world! We have staff in the Philippines, South Africa and Australia.


  • Q. Is there a setup fee?

    There are no set up fees for getting started with Choose2Chat.

  • Q. Will I need to sign a contract?

    There are no contracts to sign and you can use our services on a month-to-month basis. If you’re not satisfied with our services you’re able to cancel without penalty. Getting started with Choose2Chat is truly risk-free!

  • Q. What will I be charged per lead when using Choose2Chat?

    Please visit our Pricing page to see the per lead costs of our managed live chat service.. Pricing starts as low as $19.95 per lead.

  • Q. What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express through our secure payment gateway or through PayPal.